She arrived into the world a little earlier than expected, and I was delighted to meet Emily when she arrived in my studio.  After lots of cuddles and listening to Mum and Dad's first wonderful and exhausting experiences into parenthood over a cup of tea, I couldn't wait to get to work.

I am delighted to say despite how tiny Emily was I still had a great selection props that fit and looked adorable, and after discussions over what colour schemes would be preferred, neutrals and pinks in this instance, the fun began.  I have to say, as far as newborns go, Emily was a dream, and only on a couple of moments did she wake, but after a feed and some gentle soothing techniques, I use gentle white noise and a lovely cosy warm studio, its so important to make baby feel comfortable, we were back to capturing all the newness of a newborn.

We managed to finish the session with minimum disruptions to baby's routine, and enough time for a slice of cake and another cuppa.

Photographing all that perfection in the early days is a must, those little feet, gorgeous pouty lips, cuddles from Mum and Dad is what it is all about.  I believe that newborn photography isn't just for the 10 day and under age bracket, I work with newborns unto 6-8 weeks old, so there is no need to ever worry you have missed the boat.




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